Richard John Claus

Father: John Emil William Claus, b. 4 JUN 1918 in Bismarck Twp., Presque Isle, Michigan
Mother: LIVING Albers

Family 1: LIVING Helmke
  1. LIVING Claus
  2. LIVING Claus
  3. LIVING Claus
  4. LIVING Claus

  1. Title: Information on the John Claus family
    Author: Anita Hahn
    Publication: July 25, 1975
    Comment/Location: Claus binder
    Call Number: #-, Search #51
    Media: Manuscript
  2. Title: Claus Family Group Sheets
    Author: Anita & Joel Hahn
    Publication: Abt. 1989 through Abt. 1996
    Comment/Location: Compiled from information in the Primary & Claus Enclosure Files, and Anita Hahn's recollections.
    Comment/Location: Claus enclosure file
    Call Number: #C75a-n
    Media: Manuscript
  3. Title: Birth Announcement for Ruth Anne Claus
    Comment/Location: Claus enclosure file
    Call Number: #C25
    Media: Letter

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