Verden Leonard Hicks

Father: Clyde Owen Hicks, b. 17 MAR 1894 in Pepin Twp., Pepin, Wisconsin
Mother: Alcie Belle Davis, b. 5 SEP 1897 in Albany Twp., Pepin, Wisconsin

Family 1: Winnie Gladys Mary Stuewer, b. 30 APR 1910 in Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin
  1. LIVING Hicks
  2. LIVING Hicks
  3. LIVING Hicks

  1. Title: Judith Hicks Weizel
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  4. Title: Cemetery Tombstones, Forest Hill Cemetery
    Author: Joel & Kate Hahn and Bill & Judy Weizel
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    Comment/Location: Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin
    Media: Tombstone
  5. Title: Baptismal Certificate for Verden L. Hicks, April 11, 1928
    Media: Official Document
  6. Title: Wisconsin High School Equivalency Certificate for Verden L. Hicks, November 27, 1967
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  7. Title: Membership Certificate, Winnie and Verden Hicks, March 22, 1970
    Media: Official Document
  8. Title: Membership Certificate, Charter of Genoa City, Wisconsin Lions Club, December 10 , 1960
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  9. Title: Membership Certificate for Verden L. Hicks, Kiwanis Club Golden K, Janesville, Wisconsin, Sept 5, 1984
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  10. Title: Retirement Letter for Verden Hicks, October 24, 1967
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  16. Title: Marriage Certificate for Verden L. Hicks and Winnie G. Stuewer, 1939
    Media: Official Document

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