Ancestors of John Alexander B. Hicks

                             /--James Hicks d. UNKNOWN
                     /--William Hicks d. UNKNOWN
                     |       \--[Unknown wife of James Hicks] Humphry d. UNKNOWN
             /--Robert Hicks b. ABT. 1726 d. 24 JAN 1809
             |       \--Jane Humphry d. UNKNOWN
     /--Robert Hicks b. 13 JUN 1770 d. 14 FEB 1843
     |       \--Mary Irvin b. ABT. 1726 d. 18 OCT 1806
John Alexander B. Hicks b. SEP 1801 d. DEC 1897
     |               /--James Armstrong d. UNKNOWN
     |       /--George Armstrong b. 1742 d. ABT. 1767
     |       |       \--Rosana Onid d. UNKNOWN
     \--Frances Katherine Armstrong b. 27 JAN 1778 d. AFT. 1870
             |               /--John Lipsett d. UNKNOWN
             |       /--Edward Lipsett d. UNKNOWN
             \--Frances Barton b. 1749 d. UNKNOWN
                     \--Mary [wife of Edward Lipsett] [Unknown] d. UNKNOWN

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