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The origins of this web site go back to the summer of 1998. At that time, Joel Hahn, a regular reader of the rec.arts.comics.misc and rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks Usenet newsgroups, decided that a good starting point for a pool of comic books and graphic novels to recommend to friends were those that had won awards. Lists of prose awards, music awards, movie awards, and the like were easy to find, but when he went out to search for this sort of information, he discovered that there were almost no resources for this sort of information, either in print or online. At that time, few if any awards had their own official web pages, and those that did generally only included information about the current award cycle. Online lists of nominees and winners were few, and were usually tucked away in various corners of the Internet, buried in personal descriptions of life at the various conventions at which the awards were given out. Since no one else had pulled all of this information together into one place, he took it upon himself to compile the Comic Book Awards Almanac, dredging the Internet and industry journals for mention of the many industry awards, and putting out information requests for anyone who had information they could share.

Since then, the site has been expanded to include many international awards, mentions of graphic novels in more mainstream awards, and the like. It remains a one-man labor of love, and is updated as new prizes are awarded and as information is turned up about previous awards.

While the facts cannot be copyrighted, the selection, arrangement and presentation of those facts can be and are protected by copyright, under the international Berne Convention. The compiler respectfully requests that anyone tempted to copy this information onto their own webpage please simply create a link to the CBAA's entry page instead.

Copyright © 2003, Joel Hahn