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Non-American Awards

Adamson Award for Best Comic (Sweden)
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Alph-Art Award (Prix Alph-Art/Prix de Festival International de la Bande Dessinée Angoulême) (France)

Attilio Micheluzzi Grand Prize (Attilio Micheluzzi Gran Premio) (Italy)
      2003   Scott Morse (Southpaw)

Audincourt Prizes (Prix à Audincourt) (France)
      1995 or 96   Best writer: Philippe Bonifay, Zoo T.1 (Ed. Dupuis)

Bédélys Prize (Canada)
(Awarded by the Promo 9e Art Foundation of Montreal, Canada) 6th Annual Awards
      2005 Bédélys d'Or: Le Photographe Book 2, by Guibert, Lefèvre & Lemercier (Dupuis) (awarded by the Corporation des Bibliothécaires Professionnels du Québec [Professional Librarians Corporation] for the best French-language graphic novel)
      2005 Bédélys Québec: Naufragé: de Mé:moria T.2: L'Abîme, by Jean-Paul Eid & Claude Paiement (É:ditions Milles-Îles) (awarded by the Association des libraires du Québec for the best graphic novel published within the province of Quebec)
      2005 Bédélys Québec Special Mention: Té malade, toi!, by Line Gamache (Zone Convective)
      2005 Prix Bédélys Jeunesse - Ville de Montréal: Lou: Journal infime, by Julien Neel (Glénat) (awarded by the City of Montreal for the best graphic novel for children ages 7-12; voted on by a jury of children)

Comics Creators Guild Award (U.K.) (Before 1992, was titled the Society for Strip Illustrators Award)
      1992   Best Monthly Comic: Cerebus, by Dave Sim & Gerhard
      1993   Best Cover: Dark Horse Presents #75, by Charles Vess
      1993   Best Anthology: Gay Comics
      1993   [Category?]: Exit: Under the Sun, by Nabiel Kanan (Caliber Comics)
      1994   [Category?]: The Tale of One Bad Rat, by Brian Talbot (Dark Horse)
      [19??]   [Category?]: Stuck Rubber Baby, by Howard Cruse (DC/Paradox)
      Award for Outstanding Achievement ("To honour those whose efforts have shaped and reshaped our industry"): E. Nelson Bridwell, John Broome, Frank Bellamy, Vaughn Bodé, Hergé, Jim Holdaway, Richard Hughes, Bob Kane, Brian Lewis, Goseki Kojima, Shelly Mayer, Paul S. Newman, Joe Orlando, Ken Reid, Frank Robbins, Curt Swan, Osamu Tezuka

Comic Speedline Award (Germany)
(Comic Speedline is a magazine about comics)
      1995   Best Newcomer: Jeff Smith, Bone

Eagle Award (U.K.)

Grand Prize of the City of Angoulême (Les Grands Prix de la Ville d'Angoulême) (France)

Haxtur Award (Premios Haxtur) (Spain)

Japanese Cartoonists' Association Awards (Japan)

Kemi Award (Finland)
      1994   Best International Writer: Neil Gaiman

Kodansha Manga Awards (Japan)

Max & Moritz Prize (Germany)

Media Arts Award (Japan)

Miscellanous Japanese awards

National Comics Awards (Britain)

Panther Award of Lucca Comics (Pantera di Lucca Comics) (Italy)
(Awarded each year at a ceremony at the Guinigi Hotel in Lucca, Italy)
      1997 (partial results only)
      1999 (partial results only)

Prix Vienne (Austria[/Germany])
      1992   Best Comic Program: Andreas C. Knigge
      1993   Best Writer: Neil Gaiman
      1994   Best Comic Program: Andreas C. Knigge
      1995   Best Book: Bone, by Jeff Smith

Professional Chamber of Belgium Award ([Prix du] la chambre professionnelle de Belgique) (Belgium)
      1995 or 96   Philippe Bonifay, Zoo T.1 (Ed. Dupuis)

Joe Shuster Awards (Canada)

Shogakukan Manga Awards (Japan)

Osamu Tezuka Awards (Japan)

Urhunden Prize (Sweden)

Doug Wright Awards for Canadian Cartooning (Canada)

Yellow Kid Award (Italy)
Awarded by the Italian International Comics and Cartooning Exhibition
      Previous winners include: Lee Falk, Milo Manara, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, and Kent Williams
      1995   Jim Lee