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Max & Moritz Prize (Max und Moritz Preis)

Award known as: Max & Moritz Prize
First year of awards: 1984
Award status: Active
Number of categories: 10 (Current); 3-8 (Historical)
Awarded at: The biannual International Comics Show of Erlangen, Germany (Internationalen Comic-salon Erlangen)
Hall of Fame: No
Award for children's material: Yes
Awards open to: Material published in Germany
Type of award: Nominated
Nominations open to: Unknown
Voting open to: Unknown
Official web page:

Since my knowledge of the German language is not as good as it could be, it is possible I have misconstrued the meaning of the award categories. Here are the original forms and my translations.

Bester internationaler Comic-Strip-Künstler (Best International Comic Strip Artist) (1984-1986)
Bester internationaler Comic-Strip (Best International Comic Strip), or Bester internationaler Comic-Strip oder Cartoon-Serie (Best International Comic Strip or Cartoon Series) (1988-2002)
Bester auf deutsch erscheinender Comic-Strip (Best Comic Strip published in German) (2004)
Bester Comicstrip (Best Comic Strip) (2006-present)
Bester deutschsprachiger Comic-Strip (Best German-language Comic Strip), or Bester deutschsprachiger Comic-Strip oder Cartoon-Serie (Best German-language Comic Strip or Cartoon Series) (2000-2002)
Bester deutschsprachiger Comic-Künstler (Best German-language Comic Artist) (1990-present)
Beste deutschsprachige Comic-Publikation (Best German-language Comic-related Publication) (1984-1994)
Beste deutschsprachige Comic-Publikation, Eigenproduktion (Best German-language Comic: Local Origin), or Bester deutschsprachiger Comic (Best German-language Comic) (1996-present)
Beste deutschsprachige Comic-Publikation, Import (Best German-language Comic: Import), or Beste deutschsprachige Comic-Publikation, Lizenzproduktion (Best German-language Comic: Licensed publication), or Bester internationaler Comic (Best International Comic) (1996-present)
Bester Manga (Best Manga) (2006-present)
Beste deutschsprachige Comic-Publikation, Sekundärliteratur (Best German-language Publication About Comics) (1996-2002)
Beste deutschsprachige Comic-Publikation für Kinder und Jugendliche (Best German-language Comic for Children and Young People) (1996-2000, 2004)
Beste deutschsprachige Comic-Publikation für Kinder (Best German-language Comic for Children) (2002)
Beste deutschsprachige Comic-Publikation für Jugendliche (Best German-language Comic for Young People) (2002)
Bester Comic für Kinder (Best Comic for Children) (2006-present)
Bester internationaler Szenarist (Best International Writer) (1994-2004)
Bester Szenarist (Best Writer) (2006-present)
Spezialpreis der Jury (Special Prize of the Jury) (1994-present)
Sonderpreis für ein herausragendes Lebenswerk (Special Prize for outstanding life's work) (1992-present)

I have also attempted to provide the original English titles for material originally published in English, or better known to Americans by an English title. If I have misrepresented one of these titles, please let me know.