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The Grand Prize of the City of Angoulême
Les Grands Prix de la Ville d'Angoulême:

The Grand Prize is awarded to a living author, cartoonist or scriptwriter (French or foreign), based on his lifetime's work and/or his contribution to the development of cartoons. It is awarded by the Academy of the Grand Prize of Angoulême, (Académie des Grands Prix de la Ville d'Angoulême), which is made up of all of the past winners of this award. The winner is also invited to be the President of the following year's Festival.

1974: André Franquin
1975: Will Eisner
1976: René Pellos
1977: Joseph "Jijé" Gillain
1978: Jean-Marc Reiser
1979: Jacques "Marijac" Dumas
1980: Othon "Fred" Aristides
1981: Jean "Moebius" Giraud
1982: Paul Gillon
1983: Jean-Claude Forest
1984: Jean-Claude Mézières
1984 -- 10th Anniversary: Claire Brétécher
1985: Jacques Tardi
1986: Jacques Lob
1987: Enki Bilal
1988: Philippe Druillet
15th Anniversary: Hugo Pratt
1989: René Pétillon
1990: Max Cabanes
1991: Marcel Gotlib
1992: Frank Margerin
20th Anniversary: Maurice "Morris" de Bevere
1993: Gérard Lauzier
1994: Nikita Mandryka
1995: Philippe Vuillemin
1996: André Juillard
1997: Daniel Goossens
1998: François Boucq
1999: Robert Crumb
1999 -- Prize of the Millenium (Prix du Millénaire): Albert Uderzo
2000: Florence Cestac
2001: Martine Veyron
2002: François Schuiten
2002: -- Founders Prize (Prix du Fondateurs), on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary: Joann Sfar
2003: Régis Loisel
2004: Zep
2005: Georges Wolinski