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1999 Pantera di Lucca Comics (Lucca Comics' Panther Award)

(Winners in bold and followed by an *)

Best Italian Scriptwriter (or sole Author)

Best Italian Designer

Best Foreign Scriptwriter (or sole Author)

Best Foreign Designer

Best Current Publisher in the Italian Market

Best Book in the Italian Market

Best Young Author

Career Award (Italian Author)

Career Award (Foreign Author)

Nominating Jury:

"Targhe" of Masters of the Image
Decided by the "Scientific Committee" of Lucca Comics

Smoke of China Award
(Voted on by readers and critics)

Realistic Comics
Best Scriptwriter: Giancarlo Berardi
Best Designer: Giancarlo Alessandrini
Best Solo Author: Carlo Ambrosini
Best New Author: Maurizio Ribichini
Best Character: Julia

Humorous Comics
Best Scriptwriter: Max Bunker
Best Designer: Silvia Ziche
Best Solo Author: Marcello Toninelli
Best New Author: Roberto Battestini
Best Character: Rat-Man

Other Categories
Best "copertinista": Marco Soldi (Julia)
Best "testata": Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine
Best publisher: Phoenix
Best comic collection: Joe Kubert, Fax da Sarajevo [Fax From Sarajevo] (Alessandro Editore)
Best story: Julia, "Quando le montagne muoiono" (Sergio Bonelli Editore)
Best classic: Uncle Paperone (Walt Disney Italy)
"Letterista": Monica Husler (Tex)
Best translator: Pier Paolo Ronchetti (Marvel Italy)
Career Award: Luciano Bottaro