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Eagle Awards (U.K.)
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1976-1996 (Partial)
1997 (No Award?)
1998 (No Award?)

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Eagle Awards

Richard Burton and Michael Conroy organized a comics award for British comics fans in 1976, and named it for a much-loved British weekly comics magazine, The Eagle. For many years, the Eagles were the premiere comics awards in Britain, and were a mainstay of the U.K. Comic Art Convention. After the UKCAC ceased, the Eagles' prestige declined, and they appear to have died out completely for a couple of years. The National Comics Awards, part of the Comics Festival in Bristol, took their place as the premiere British comics industry awards. There was an attempt to resurrect the Eagles at the Comics Festival in Bristol in 2000 (for work done in 1999), possibly because the National Comics Awards were not held that year. The National Comics Awards resumed the following year, and with two sets of awards announced at the Comics Festival, interest in continuing the Eagles appears to have waned--the Eagle Awards for work done in 2000 were not announced until mid-2002. The awards are for work done in the listed year, and were given out the following year (in the case of the 2000 awards, two years later).

Award known as: Eagles
First year of award: 1976
Award status: Active?
Awarded at: U.K. Comic Art Convention (1976?-1996?); Comics Festival, Bristol (1999-present)
Number of categories: 30 (Current); ?-28 (Historical)
Hall of Fame: Yes
Category for children's comics: No
Type of Award: Nominated
Nominations open to: Unknown (1976-1996?); Everyone, with the top vote-getters appearing on the final ballot (1999-present)
Voting open to: Unknown (1976-1996?); Everyone (1999-present)