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Awards of the Angoulême International Comics Festival
(Les prix du Festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême)

Originally, these awards were named the Alfred Awards, after a penguin from Alain Saint-Ogan's series Zig et Puce. In 1989, the name was changed to the Alph'art Awards, after the title of Hergé's last, and unfinished, Tintin story. In 2004, the name was changed once again to simply be the "Prizes of Angoulême" (Prix d'Angoulême). Around half of the awards given out at the International Comics Festival in Angoulême, France are awarded by the official jury and thus are considered the "official" prizes. However, all but the Grand Prize of Angoulême (listed separately) are announced at the same ceremony and thus are considered together here.

Award known as: Prizes of Angouleme (Prix d'Angoulême) (2004-present), Alph-Art Awards (Prix Alph-Art) (1989-2003), Alph'Arts (1989-2003), Alfreds (1974?-1988)
First year of award: 1974? (for material published in the previous year)
Award status: Active
Awarded at: Angoulême International Comics Festival (Festival international de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême)
Number of categories: 6+8 (Current); 12+6, 15+8 (Historical)
Hall of Fame: No
Category for children's comics: Yes; two categories are selected by a panel of children, one age 7-8, the other age 9-12
Type of Award: Nominated (Primarily), with the winners in some categories selected by the judging panel
Nominations open to: Panel of judges
Voting open to: Unknown
Official web page:

Categories/Eligibility Notes
Awards selected by the main jury:

  • Best book of the year award, a.k.a. Prize for the best album (Prix du meilleur album de 'lanné)
  • Best artwork award, a.k.a. Prize for artwork (Prix du dessin)
  • Best script award, a.k.a. Prize for the best scenario (Prix du scénario)
  • Best first book award, a.k.a. Prize for the best first book (Prix du premier album)
  • Comics heritage prize (Prix du patrimonie de la bandes desinnée)
  • Best series award, a.k.a. Series prize (Prix de la serie)
Awards selected by other juries:
  • People's best book award, a.k.a. Prize awarded by the audience (Prix public du meilleur album), voted on by the public, in the form of a jury of 9 representatives, selected by the three sponsoring organizations (namely the Festival of Angoulême, the weekly magazine L'Express, and the weekly magazine Télé Poche); the winner is selected from a slate of 14 nominees chosen by the three sponsors.
  • Children's Award, age 7-8, a.k.a. Youth prize, age 7-8 (Prix jeunesse 7-8 ans), selected by a jury of children ages 7-8.
  • Children's Award, age 9-12, a.k.a. Youth prize, age 9-12 (Prix jeunesse 9-12 ans), selected by a jury of children ages 9-12.
  • Alternative comics award (Prix de la bande dessinée alternative) (Awarded for the best amateur magazine.)
  • Young talent award (Prix jeunes talents) (Awarded for work by a young author whose work has not yet been published.)
  • Best use of Comics Books in Advertizing Award, a.k.a. Communication prize (Prix de la Communication) (Awarded for the best communication campaign using comics.)
  • School of the Comic Book Award, a.k.a. Comics school book prize (Prix de la bande dessinée scolaire) (Awarded to the author of the work of the best comic school book.)
  • Critics' Award (Prix de la critique)
  • RTL Grand Prize (Grand Prix RTL)
  • Ecumenical Comic Book Award (Prix oecuménique de la bande dessinée) (Awarded to a book published in the year starting the November two years' previous and ending the previous October, which is remarkable for its human values and graphic quality. From a preselection of books (most recently 15 out of a possible 2,000 eligible entrants), a shorter list of nominees is selected and the rest receive "special mention".)
  • Partner Award of the Festival: René Goscinny Award, a.k.a. Festival partner prize/Rene Goscinny Prize (Prix Partenaire du Festival: Prix René Goscinny) (The purpose of this award is to encourage creative work in the spirit of René and Gilberte Goscinny. The prize is awarded to a script writer whose past year's work deserves special praise.)
  • Grand Prize of Angoulême (Grand Prix de la Ville d'Angoulême)