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Festival Award
Voting is open only to attendees of a particular convention or festival, with the winner announced toward the end of the convention. Voting tends to reflect the particular gestalt of the convention and the days it takes place. Most festival awards are also nominated awards.

Graphic Novel (GN)
Generally, any self-contained story in a single binding that uses a comic book-like page layout. In the comic book industry, the term is sometimes used to refer only to self-contained stories of 48 or more pages that has not been previously published serially. (The minimum page count varies; 64, 72, and 96 pages are other popular cut-off points.)

Nominated Award
The preparation process for these awards involves the selection of a brief list of nominees (usually three, four or five) for each category. The selection is usually done either by a panel of judges or by an open ballot. Because of this selection process, just being nominated may be an honor.

Poll Award
These awards do not involve a true nominations process. The ballot usually includes just a list of the various categories or a list of suggested "nominations"; voters may write in a vote for anyone or anything that is eligible according to the criteria of the category. Thus, while winning is still important, anyone who receives a significant number of votes may still feel honored. Also, the wide range of individual tastes tends to lead to exponentially more "nominees" listed, especially in the single-vote range. Some poll awards are actually nomination-poll hybrids in that they have some sort of nominations process, but also allow write-in votes for anyone or anything that is eligible.

Selected Award
The winner of the award is selected by a panel of judges from a pool of everyone or everything that is eligible. The preparation process is usually kept secret, so that no one outside of the judging panel is certain who is even in the running until the winner is announced.

Trade Paperback (TPB)
In the publishing industry, any paper-bound book which is larger than a standard mass-market paperback. In the comic book industry, the term is usually applied solely to paperback collections of serially published comic books, regardless of size.

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