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Xeric Comic Book Self-Publishing Grants

September 1992
      Robert Eaton, "King Philip's War"
      Michael Kasper, "All Cotton Briefs"
      Jeff Nicholson, "Lost Laughter"
      Wayne Wise and Fred Wheaton, "Grey Legacy"

March 1993
      Stephen Blue, "Red River"
      Megan Kelso, "Girlhero"
      David Lasky, "Boom Boom"

September 1993
      Greg Moutafis, "Killer Ape"
      Jason Lutes, "Jar of Fools"
      Adrian Tomine, "Optic Nerve"
      Jon Lewis, "True Swamp"

March 1994
      Tom Hart, "Hutch Owen's Working Hard"
      Garret Izumi, "Strip Down"
      Scott Getchell, "Ritchie Kill'd My Toads"
      Stephen Townsend, "The Hood: A Change from Within"

September 1994
      Yong Yi, "when my brother was god"
      Kevin Dixon & Eric Knisley, "Mickey Death"
      David & Jeff Tompkins, "Health"
      Bebe Williams, "Bobby Ruckers"

March 1995
      Kris Dresen and Jen Benka, "Manya"
      Andy Hartzell, "Bread & Circuses"
      Scott Gilbert, "It's All True"
      Mike Macropoulos, "Super Soul Puddin' Comics"
      Randy Reynaldo, "The Rob Hanes Archives"

September 1995
      Art Baxter, "SPUD"
      David Kelly, "Steven's Comics"
      Clay Butler, "Sidewalk Bubblegum"
      David Yurkovich, "Death by Chocolate"
      Jessica Abel, "Artbabe"
      Matthew Smith, "alec dear"

March 1996
      Walt Holcombe, "The King of Persia"
      Linda Medley, "Castle Waiting"
      James Sturm, "The Revival"
      Warren Craghead, "Speedy"

October 1996
      Christine Shields, "Blue Hole"
      Thomas Galambos, "from Hungary"
      Steve Matuszak, "Most Likely to Succeed"
      John Kerschbaum, "the Wiggly Reader"
      Steven Peters, "Third Eye"
      Rafael Navarro, "Sonambulo: Sleep of the Just"

March 1997
      Ellen Forney, "I Was Seven in '75"
      Henry Wolyniec, "Wahh"
      Jim Ottaviani, "Two-Fisted Science"
      Rhyan Scorpio-Rhys, "Sofa Jet City Crisis"
      Gene Yang, "Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks"

October 1997
      Sarah Thornton, "Lumpophilia"
      Fred Hofheinz and Lance Miller, "Paper & Binding"
      Kevin Quigley, "Big Place Comics"
      Fawn Gehweiler, "Bomb Pop"
      Robert Kirby, "Curbside"

March 1998
      Alejandro Fuentes, "Grasa del Sol"
      Gareth Hinds, "Bearskin"
      Jay Hosler, "Clan Apis: Transitions"
      Jason Little, "Jack's Luck Runs Out"
      Anson Jew, "Saturday Nite"
      Aaron Augenblick, "Tales from the Great Unspoken"
      Leesa Dean, "Chilltown"

October 1998
      Olivia Schanzer, "Fragile Honeymoon"
      Dylan Williams, "Reporter"
      Dawn Brown, "Little Red Hot"
      Joe Chiapetta, "A Death in the Family"
      Don Bethman Jr., "Paper Cinema"
      Scott Mills, "Cells"

March 1999
      Rhode Montijo, "Pablo's Inferno"
      Matthew Oreto, "Sky & Mephistopheles"
      Carrie Golus, "Alternator"
      Shannon Brady, "Marco Solo"
      Jason Sandberg, "Jupiter"
      David Choe, "Slow Jams"
      Shane Amaya, "Roland: Days of Wrath"

September 1999
      Nick Bertozzi, "Boswash"
      Leela Corman, "Queen's Day"
      Marcel Guldemond, "Under a Slowly Spinning Sun"
      Mark Price, "Arm's Length"
      Thomas Scioli, "The Myth of 8-Opus"
      Jason Shiga, "Double Happiness"
      Michael Teague, "epic dermis"

March 2000
      Seth Berkowitz, "Best Western"
      Robyn Chapman, "Theater of the Meek"
      Farel Dalrymple, "Pop-Gun War"
      Rachel Masilamani, "RPM Comics"
      William Morton, "Cynical Girl"
      Anders Nilsen, "The Ballad of the Two Headed Boy"
      John Pham, "Epoxy"
      Daniel Way, "Violent Lifestyle Vol. 1"
      Danijel Zezelj, "Air Mexico"

September 2000
      Santiago Cohen, "The Fifth Name"
      Julian Lawrence, "Drippytown Comics #2001"
      Michael Neno, "Michael Neno's Reactionary Tales"
      Frederick Noland, "Schpilkes"
      Leland Purvis, "VOX"
      Friends Of Lulu, "Friends of Lulu: Storytime"
      Jen Sorensen, "Slowpoke: Cafe Pompous"
      Gia-Bao Tran, "Content"
      Daniel Warner, "A Bright Sunny Day"

March 2001
      Philip Bourassa, "First World"
      Ben Catmull, "Paper Theater"
      Jordan Crane, "Col-Dee"
      Brian Ralph, "Climbing Out"
      Jacob Weinstein, "Dirty Boxes"
      Kurt Wolfgang, "Where Hats Go"

September 2001
      Justin Hall, "A Sacred Text"
      Rachel Hartman, "Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming"
      Gerald Jablonski, "Cryptic Wit"
      Troy Little, "Chiaroscuro"
      Songgu Kwon, "Blanche the Baby Killer"
      Hans Rickheit, "CHLOE"
      Michael Slack, "Land of O"
      Dennis Tucker, "Tales from Birdbun Theatre"

March 2002
      Donna Barr, "Seven Peaches: The First Seven Desert Peach Episodes"
      Nikki Coffman and Laurenn McCubbin, "XXX Live Nude Girls"
      Toc Fetch, "The Tenacious Facts of Life of a Noman, Toc Fetch"
      Richard Hahn, "Lumakick"
      Kenjji, "Witch Doctor"
      Jai Sen, "Garlands of Moonlight"

September 2002
      Sam Hiti, "End Times: Tiempos Finales"
      Derek Kirk, "Same Difference and Other Stories"
      Sonny Liew, "Malinky Robot: Stinky Fish Blues"
      Henrik Rehr, "Tuesday"
      Lauren Weinstein, "Inside Vineyland"

March 2003
      Jef Czekaj, "Grampa and Julie Shark Hunters"
      John Hankiewicz, "Tepid"
      Jai Nitz, "Paper Museum"
      Bishakh Som, "Angel"
      Elena Steier, "The Revenge of the Vampire Bed and Breakfast"
      Julie Yeh, "Poppie's Adventures: Serpents in Paradise"

September 2003
      Alex Fellows, "Canvas"
      Jay Hacker, "Headstatic"
      Jon "Bean" Hastings, editor, "Spark Generators II"
      Neil Kleid, "Ninety Candles"
      Joel Rivers, "Along the Canadian"
      Leslie Stein, "Yeah, It Is!"
      Michael Zittel, "Master Catfish"

March 2004
      Mark Britt, "Full Color"
      James Campbell, "Krachmacher"
      Leland Myrick, "Bright Elegy"
      Josh Neufeld, "A Few Perfect Hours"
      Karl Stevens, "Guilty"
      Ivan Velez, "The Collected Tales of the Closet, Vol. I"

September 2004
      Andrew Drozd, "Coexisting"
      Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente, "Action Philosophers!"
      David Heatley, "Deadpan #2"
      Nicholas Jeffrey, "Centerfield"
      Craig McKenney and Rick Geary, "The Brontes: Infernal Angria #1"
      Fay Ryu, "HELLO"
      Rob Sato, "Burying Sandwiches"

March 2005
      Michael LaRiccia, "Black Mane"
      Debbie Huey, "Bumper Boy Loses His Marbles"
      Jesse Moynihan, "The Backwards Folding Mirror"
      Jeff Lemire, "Lost Dogs"
      Emily Benz and Summer McClinton, "Thread"
      Alex Cahill, "Something So Familiar"
      Zack Gardner, "Fauna"

September 2005
      Catherine Hannah, "Winter Beard"
      Lance Christian Hansen, "Don't Cry"
      Melody Shickley, "In the Hands of Boys"
      Albert Benjamin Thompson, "HUSK"

March 2006
      Joel White, "Bronzeville"
      Gregory Corso, "And How"
      Aron Nels Steinke, "Big Plans"
      Toc Fetch, "Kids of Lower Utopia, V.6 No. 1, Of Softdoor Scout Finnagain and Daffodil Dash Eleven"
      Joshua Hagler, "The Boy Who Made Silence"
      James Vining, "First in Space"

September 2006
      Emily Blair, "Living Statues"
      Alexis Frederick-Frost, "La Primavera"
      Joshua Kemble, "NUMB"
      Jason McNamara and Tony Talbert, "First Moon"
      Nate Neal, "The Sanctuary"
      Pat Palermo, "Cut Flowers"
      Mark Price, "Consider Everything in Bad Shape"

March 2007
      Kevin Colden, "Fishtown"
      Erik Evensen, "Gods of Asgard"
      Sam Gaskin, "Pizza Wizard #1"
      Steve MacIsaac, "Shirtlifter 2"
      Tyler Page, "Nothing Better"
      Jeremy Smith, "Ropeburn"
      Ryan Alexander, "Tanner, Television #1"

September 2007
      Colleen Frakes, "Tragic Relief"
      Geoff Grogan, "Look Out! Monsters!"
      Lars Martinson, "Tonoharu: Part One"
      Corinne Mucha, "My Alaskan Summer"
      Jaime Portillo, "Gabriel"