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2001 Good Taste Awards

(for work done in 2000)
(partial results only)

Best Writer
1. Joe Sacco, Safe Area Gorazde

Best Artist
1. Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library and Jimmy Corrigan
-. Dave Cooper, Weasel

Best Cartoonist
1. Chris Ware
2. Joe Sacco

Talent Deserving Wider Recognition
1. Jason

Best Publisher
No results known

Best Continuing Series
1. Acme Novelty Library, by Chris Ware
2. Weasel, by Dave Cooper

Best New Series
1. Luba's Comics & Stories, by Gilbert Hernandez

Best Finite Series
No results known

Best Achievement in Mini-Comics
No results known

Best Web-Published Comic
2. Fred the Clown (Roger Langridge)

Best Foreign Language Comic
No results known

Best Anthology
No results known

Best Short Piece
1. "There Are No Words in My Mouth" (Dylan Horrocks, Comix 2000)

Best Single Issue of an Ongoing Series
1. Acme Novelty Library #[?], by Chris Ware 2. Weasel #[?], by Dave Cooper

Best Ongoing Serialized Story
No results known

Best One Shot
1. Radio: An Illustrated Guide, by Jessica Abel

Best Graphic Novel
1. Safe Area Gorazde, by Joe Sacco

Best Reprint Collection
No results known

Best Syndicated Strip
1. Maakies, by Tony Millionaire

Best Guilty Pleasure
No results known

Best Production Design
1. Acme Novelty Library, by Chris Ware

The Comics Journal Prize For Best Publication About Comics
No results known

Best [comicx@] Poster
No results known