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National Cartoonists Society Awards

The awards given by the National Cartoonists Society are the oldest and arguably the most prestigious American award purely concerned with comics and cartoons. Since 1954, the awards have been commonly known as the Reubens (named for Reuben "Rube" Goldberg, the society's first president and designer of the award statuette), though most properly that name only applies to the Cartoonist of the Year award; the other awards either have their own names, or are simply known as Division Awards. (Prior to 1954, the awards were called the Billy DeBeck Memorial Award--the Barneys, for short--and the recipient received an engraved silver cigarette box. In 1954, the award name was changed, and all of the prior winners were given Reuben statuettes.)

Awards are for work done in the listed year, and are awarded the following May. (The society has not always been consistent in referring to an award by the year the work was done or the year the award was given. Since they seem to use the former more often than the latter, that is the pattern adopted here.)

Award known as: Reubens (1954-present), the Billy DeBeck Memorial Award (1946-1953), the Barneys (1946-1953)
First year of award: 1946
Award status: Active
Awarded at: The society's Reuben Weekend convention
Number of categories: 15, plus occasional special awards (Current); 1-15 (Historial)
Hall of Fame: Yes (Called the "NCS Gold Key Award")
Award for children's material: No
Type of Award: Nominated
Nominations open to: Panel of judges
Voting open to: Cartoonist of the Year voting is open to all society members. In the past, each division award was voted on by members from one of the regional chapters, and each chapter voted on one or two of the division awards. These awards regularly rotated among the chapters. Now, the division awards are voted on by the general membership and by juries overseen by the various regional chapters.
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