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Alley Awards
Originally sponsored and run by Alter-Ego fanzine, edited by Jerry Bails, Roy Thomas, Ronn Foss, and Mike Friedrich, the Alley award is named (at least in part) for the comic strip caveman Alley Oop, whose likeness graced the award statuette. (Apparently, a secondary reason for the name was the "Alley" type of marbles, another fond childhood memory for long-time comics readers.) The awards were for work published in the listed year, and were apparently given out the following year. The Alleys petered out shortly after some of the movers and shakers of comics fandom, including Roy Thomas, were hired by various comic book companies.

Award known as: Alleys
First year of award: 1961
Last year of award: 1969?
Award status: Inactive
Awarded at: No awards ceremony (1961-1964); Comic Art Convention, New York (1965-1969?)
Number of categories: 10-55
Hall of Fame: Yes
Award for children's material: No
Type of Award: Nominated (1961-1966); Poll (1967-1969?)
Nominations open to: The award administrators (1961-1966)
Voting open to: Comic book fans, especially fanzine readers