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1969 Alley Awards

Tallied by Mark Hanerfeld
Total number of votes: at least 319

Best Comic Magazine Section

Best Adventure Title

  • Fantastic Four (Marvel) *

Best Fantasy/SF/Supernatural Title

  • Doctor Strange (Marvel) *

Best Western Title

  • Bat Lash (DC) (80% of votes) *

Best War Title

  • Star-Spangled War Stories (DC) *

Best Humor Title

  • Archie (Archie) *

Best Romance Title

  • Young Love (DC) *

Professional Work

Best Editor

  • Dick Giordano (160 votes) *

Best Writer

  • Roy Thomas (149) *

Best Pencil Artist

  • Neal Adams (199) *

Best Inking Artist

  • Tom Palmer *

Best Cover

  • Captain America #113, by Jim Steranko (Marvel) *

Best Full-Length Story

  • "...And Who Shall Mourn for Him?," by Stan Lee & John & Sal Buscema, from Silver Surfer #5 (Marvel) *

Best Feature Story

  • "At the Stroke of Midnight," by Jim Steranko & Johnny Craig, from Tower of Shadows #1 (Marvel) (55) *

Hall of Fame

  • Deadman, by Neal Adams (DC) *

Special Awards

  • Carmine Infantino, "who exemplifies the spirit of innovation and inventiveness in the field of comic art."
  • Joe Kubert, "for the cinematic storytelling techniques and the exciting and dramatic style he has brought to the field of comic art."
  • Neal Adams, "for the new perspective and dynamic vibrance he has brought to the field of comic art."

Popularity Poll

Best Adventure Hero Strip

  • Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel) *

Best Adventure Group Strip

  • Fantastic Four (Marvel) *

Best Supporting Character

  • Rick Jones (Hulk, Avengers, Captain America (Marvel)) *

Best Villain

  • Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four (Marvel)) *

Strip Most Needing Improvement

  • Superman (DC) *

Newspaper Strip Section

Best Adventure or Human Interest Strip

  • Prince Valiant, by Hal Foster *

Best Humor Strip or Panel

  • Peanuts, by Charles Schulz *

Hall of Fame Award

  • Tarzan, by Burne Hogarth *

Fan Activity Section

Best Limited Reproduction Fanzine

  • Newfangles *

Best Unlimited Reproduction Fanzine

  • The Comic Reader *

Best Fan Artist

  • John Fantucchio (70 votes) *

Best Comic Strip Writer

  • Mark Hanerfeld *

Best Fan Project

  • 1969 New York ComiCon *