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2001 National Comics Awards

(For material published between May 2000 and May 2001)
(Winners in bold and marked with "*")

The Childline Charity Award for
2000AD, edited by Andy Diggle (Rebellion) *

National Comics Award for
Best New Comic
Green Arrow, by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester (DC Comics) *

Comics International Award for
Best Comic in the World Today
2000AD (Rebellion) *

Winning Streak Award for
Best New Talent
Frazer Irving, for "Necronauts" in 2000AD * (tie)
Jock, for "Judge Dredd" in 2000AD * (tie)

National Comics Award for
Best Character
Judge Dredd, Created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra, published in 2000AD *

National Comics Award for
Best Writer in Comics Today
John Wagner, for Button Man and Judge Dredd (both in 2000AD) *

Red Route Award for
Best Comics Writer Ever
Alan Moore, for Watchmen, Swamp Thing (DC Comics), V For Vendetta, Miracleman (Quality), Halo Jones (2000AD) * Award for
Best Artist in Comics Today
Carlos Ezquerra for Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog (2000AD), and Just A Pilgrim (Black Bull Comics) *

Incognito Award for
Best Comics Artist Ever
Carlos Ezquerra, for Judge Dredd *

Knockabout Award for
Best Self-Published/Independent Comic
Petra Etcetera, by Terry Wiley, Dave McKinnon and Ady Kermode *

SFX Award for
Best Comic-Based Film or TV Programme
X-Men, directed by Bryan Singer (20th Century Fox) *

National Comics Award for
Best Supporting Character
Natt The Hat, from Hitman comic by John McCrea and Garth Ennis *

Diamond Previews Award for
Best Specialist Magazine or Website
Comics International Magazine (and website) published by Dez Skinn *