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Academy of Comic Book Arts Awards

The A.C.B.A. was founded around 1970, partly as an attempt to unionize the creative side of the comic book industry and partly as an attempt to raise the prestige of the industry by creating a comic book industry version of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts & Sciences. (Which part was more important depends on whether you read interviews with Carmine Infantino, Stan Lee, or Neal Adams.) The academy's award statuette was in the shape of a lightning bolt, and were known as the "Shazam" awards. The awards were for work published in the listed year, and were given out the following year. (Note that some of the earliest mentions of the awards refer to them by the year they were awarded instead; for the sake of consistency, I have listed them all by the year the nominated material was published.)

Award known as: Shazam Awards, A.C.B.A. Awards
First year of award: 1970 (awarded in 1971)
Last year of award: 1974?
Award status: Inactive
Awarded at: The A.C.B.A. Awards Banquet
Number of categories: 15-17
Hall of Fame: Yes
Award for children's material: No
Type of Award: Nominated
Nominations open to: Unknown
Voting open to: Writers, artists, and other comic book insdustry professionals (A.C.B.A. members?)

A note on names: Some of the creators listed in these awards have since changed their names somewhat from how they were originally known; most notable among these are Barry [Windsor-]Smith and [P.] Craig Russell. They are listed here as they were listed at the time.

Also, the following creators have been mentioned as winning the specified Shazam awards, but no further information is known about whether the year is correct, whether there was another award at some point which was also named the "Shazam" Awards, or--if these are actually 1975 winners--who any other winners that year.

    1974   Best Humor Writer: Marv Wolfman
    [1974?]   Best Humor Story: Marv Wolfman
    19??   Best Humor Artist in Comic Books: Scott Shaw