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1970 Academy of Comic Book Arts Awards

(For material published in 1970; awarded in 1971)

Best Continuing Feature

  • Green Lantern/Green Arrow (DC) *

Best Individual Story

  • "Lair of the Beast Men," by Roy Thomas & Barry Smith, from Conan the Barbarian #2 (Marvel)
  • "No Evil Shall Escape My Sight," by Dennis O'Neil & Neal Adams, from Green Lantern #76 (DC) *

Best Writer (Dramatic Division)

  • Dennis O'Neil, for Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, etc. (all DC) *

Best Pencil Artist (Dramatic Division)

  • Neal Adams, for Green Lantern, Batman (both DC) *

Best Inker (Dramatic Division)

  • Dick Giordano (Green Lantern/Green Arrow, etc. (All DC)) *

Best Writer (Humor Division)

  • Carl Barks *

Best Pencil Artist (Humor Division)

  • Bob Oksner (Adventure Comics, etc. (All DC)) *

Best Inker (Humor Division)

  • Henry Scarpelli (Binky, Debbi, etc. (all DC)) *

      Best Colorist

      • Jack Adler *