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Creator Awards

Best Achievement by a Writer: Neil Gaiman
Best Achievement by a Penciller:  Tom Mandrake
Best Achievement by an Inker:  Gerhard (tie)
                               George Perez (tie)
Best Achievement by a Painter:  Dave McKean
Best Achievement by a Letterer:  Todd Klein (tie)
                                 Tom Orzechowski (tie)
                                 Willie Schubert (tie)
Best Achievement by a Colorist:  Steve Oliff & Olyoptics
Best Achievement by an Editor:  Karen Berger
Best Achievement by a Cover Artist:  Brian Bolland
Best Achievement by a Publisher:  Valiant
Best Achievement by a New Talent:  Joe Quesada
Best Achievement by a Writer/Artist:  John Byrne
Best Achievement by a Cartoonist:  Bill Watterson
Best Achievement by a Political Cartoonist:  Garry Trudeau   

Awards for Specific Works

Best Long-Form Animation:  Aladdin
Best Short-Form/TV Animation:  Batman: The Animated Series  
Best Cover:  Spectre #2
Best Continuing Series:  The Sandman
Best Limited Series:  Gotham Nights
Best New Series:  The Spectre
Most Improved Series:  X-Factor   
Best Single Issue:  X-Factor #87
Best Story Arc:  The Sandman #35-37 ("A Game of You")
Best Graphic Novel:  Star Trek: Debt of Honor   
Best Non-Fiction Work:  Amazing Heroes #200's Understanding Comics preview
Best Reprint Series or Collection:  The Sandman: The Season of Mists
Best Publication Design:  The Batman Adventures
Best Marketing Idea:  Vertigo Preview   
Best American Publication of Foreign Material:  Signal to Noise  
Best Publication About Comics:  Comics Buyer's Guide
Best Anthology:  Miracleman: Apocrypha
Best Newspaper Strip:  Calvin & Hobbes