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Compuserve Comics and Animation Forum's 1994 Don Thompson Awards

(Note: Don Thompson died in the spring of 1994, after which Michael Grabois suggested renaming the awards for him. Maggie Thompson agreed to lend his name for the awards.)

Creator Awards

Best Achievement by a Writer:  Neil Gaiman 
Best Achievement by a Penciller:  Chris Bachalo 
Best Achievement by an Inker:  Mark Buckingham 
Best Achievement by a Painter:  Alex Ross 
Best Achievement by a Letterer:  Todd Klein 
Best Achievement by a Colorist:  Steve Oliff & Olyoptics 
Best Achievement by an Editor:  Karen Berger (tie)
                                Dwayne McDuffie (tie)
Best Achievement by a Cover Artist:  Alex Ross 
Best Achievement by a Publisher:  DC
Best Achievement by a New Talent:  Terry Moore 
Best Achievement by a Writer/Artist:  Terry Moore (tie)
                                      Jeff Smith (tie)
Best Achievement by a Cartoonist:  Bill Watterson 
Best Achievement by a Political Cartoonist:  Garry Trudeau

Awards for Specific Works
Best Long-Form Animation:  The Lion King 
Best Short-Form/TV Animation:  The Tick 
Best Cover:  Marvels #3 
Best Continuing Series:  The Sandman 
Best Limited Series:  Marvels 
Best New Series:  Starman 
Most Improved Series:  Legion of Super-Heroes & Legionnaires
Best Single Issue:  Marvels #4 
Best Story Arc:  Valor #22-23, Legion of Super-Heroes #60-61, Legionnaires
  #17-18 ("End of an Era")
Best Graphic Novel:  Mr. Punch 
Best Non-Fiction Work:  From Hell 
Best Reprint Series or Collection:  Marvels deluxe hardcover 
Best Publication Design:  Marvels 
Best Marketing Idea:  Legion of Super-Heroes "reboot" 
Best American Publication of Foreign Material:  Drawn & Quarterly 
Best Publication About Comics:  Comics Buyer's Guide 
Best Anthology:  Dark Horse Presents 
Best Newspaper Strip:  Calvin & Hobbes