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(5th Annual) Compuserve Comics and Animation Forum's 1996 Don Thompson Awards

Awarded to books published during that year; announced at the 1997 Motor City Comic Con.
Compiler: Paul "Zeus" Grant

(Winners marked with *)

Individual Awards
1.  Best Achievement by a Writer          Kurt Busiek
2.  Best Achievement by a Penciller       Brent Anderson
3.  Best Achievement by an Inker          George Perez
4.  Best Achievement by a Painter         Alex Ross
5.  Best Achievement by a Letterer        Todd Klein
6.  Best Achievement by a Colorist        Patricia Mulvihill
7.  Best Achievement by a Cover Artist    Alex Ross
8.  Best Achievement by an Editore        Fabian Nicieza
7.  Best Achievement by a Writer/Artist   Frank Miller
10. Best Achievement by a Publisher       Homage
11. Best Achievement by a Cartoonist (TIE)
          Sergio Aragones and Batton Lash
12. Best Achievement by a New Talent      Mark Crilley

Comic Awards for Specific Works

1.  Best Continuing Series
          Kurt Busiek's Astro City (Image/Homage)
2.  Best Limited Series
          Kingdom Come (DC)
3.  Best New Series
          Leave It to Chance (Homage)
4.  Best Graphic Novel
          Batman/Captain America (DC/Marvel)
5.  Best Single Issue
        Kurt Busiek's Astro City v. 2, #1: "Welcome to Astro City" (Homage)
6.  Best Story Arc  (TIE)
          Kurt Busiek's Astro City v. 2, #2-3: "Everyday Lives"/
               "Adventures in Other Worlds" (Homage)
          Captain America #450-453: "Man Without a Country" (Marvel)
7.  Best Non-Fiction Work
          Fax From Sarajevo (Dark Horse)
8.  Best Reprint Series or Collection
          Kurt Busiek's Astro City: Life in the Big City (Homage)
9.  Best Cover
          Kingdom Come #4 (DC)
10.  Best Publication Design
          Kurt Busiek's Astro City: Life in the Big City (Homage)
11. Best Marketing Idea
          "Adventures"-style books (DC/Marvel)
12. Most Improved Series
          Stormwatch (Image)
13. Best Newspaper Strip
14. Best American Publication of Foreign Material
          Gon (DC/Paradox Press)
15. Best Publication About Comics
          Comic Buyer's Guide
16. Best Anthology Comic
          Batman: Black and White (DC)

Animation Awards:

1.  Best Long-form (1 hr +) Animation
          Superman Adventures: The Last Son of Krypton
2.  Best Short-form/TV Animation
          The Simpsons