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Compuserve Comics and Animation Forum's 1997 Don Thompson Awards

(Winners only)

Creator Awards

Best Achievement by a Writer:  Kurt Busiek
Best Achievement by a Penciller:  George Perez
Best Achievement by an Inker:  Mark Farmer
Best Achievement by a Painter:  Alex Ross
Best Achievement by a Letterer:  Todd Klein
Best Achievement by a Colorist:  Matt Hollingsworth
Best Achievement by an Editor:  Archie Goodwin
Best Achievement by a Cover Artist:  Alex Ross
Best Achievement by a Publisher:  Homage
Best Achievement by a New Talent:  Sean McKeever
Best Achievement by a Writer/Artist:  Batton Lash
Best Achievement by a Cartoonist:  Sergio Aragones

Awards for Specific Works
Best Long-Form Animation:  Anastasia
Best Short-Form/TV Animation:  The Simpsons
Best Cover:  Astro City #9
Best Continuing Series:  Astro City
Best Limited Series:  The Kents
Best New Series:  Transmetropolitan
Most Improved Series:  Captain America
Best Single Issue:  Astro City #10
Best Story Arc:  Astro City #5-9 ("Confession")
Best Graphic Novel:  The Wizard's Tale
Best Non-Fiction Work:  The Big Book of Scandals
Best Reprint Series or Collection:  Kingdom Come
Best Publication Design:  The Acme Novelty Library
Best Marketing Idea:  Image black-&-white "non-line"
Best American Publication of Foreign Material:  What's Michael
Best Publication About Comics:  Comics Buyer's Guide
Best Anthology:  Negative Burn
Best Newspaper Strip:  For Better or for Worse