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2000 Ignatz Award Nominees and Winners

Outstanding Artist

  • Dave Cooper (Weasel, Fantagraphics Books) *
  • Craig Thompson (Good-Bye, Chunky Rice, Top Shelf Productions)
  • Rod Espinoza (The Courageous Princess, Antarctic Press)
  • Francesca Ghermandi (Pastil, Phoenix Enterprise Publishing Co.)
  • Bill Presing (Rex Steele-Nazi Smasher, Monkeysuit Press)

Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection

  • Banks/Eubanks (Tom Hart, Top Shelf Productions)
  • Clan Apis (Jay Hosler, Active Synapse)
  • Comix 2000 (various, L'Association)
  • Drawn & Quarterly, Volume 3 (various, Drawn & Quarterly)
  • From Hell (Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Eddie Campbell Comics (distributed by Top Shelf Productions) *

Outstanding Story

  • The Bridge (Mjau Mjau No. 6; Jason, Jippi Forlag)
  • Cave-In (Brian Ralph, Highwater Books)
  • From Hell (Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Eddie
  • Campbell Comics (distributed by Top Shelf Productions)
  • Jimmy Corrigan, Smartest Kid On Earth (The Acme Novelty Library; Chris Ware, Fantagraphics Books) *
  • Jug (Androo Robinson, self-published)

Promising New Talent

  • Nick Bertozzi; Boswash, Luxurious Comics *
  • Ben Catmull (Paper Theater, self-published)
  • Rod Espinosa (The Courageous Princess, Antarctic Press)
  • Kevin Huizenga (Supermonster, self-published)
  • Stephen Notley (Bob the Angry Flower, self-published)

Outstanding Series

  • Clan Apis (Jay Hosler, Active Synapse Comics)
  • Cuckoo (Madison Clell, Green Door Studios)
  • Heart of Empire (Bryan Talbot, Dark Horse Comics)
  • Mjau Mjau (Jason, Jippi Forlag)
  • Weasel (Dave Cooper, Fantagraphics Books) *

Outstanding Comic

  • The Acme Novelty Library No. 13 (Chris Ware, Fantagraphics Books) *
  • Boys (Ron Rege and Joan Leidy, Highwater Books)
  • Cuckoo No. 10 (Madison Clell, Green Door Studios)
  • Hey Mister, The Trouble With Jesus (Pete Sickman-Garner, Top Shelf Productions)
  • The Last Lonely Saturday (Jordan Crane, Red Ink)

Outstanding Minicomic

  • Angry Youth Comics No. 11 (Johnny Ryan, self-published)
  • Jug (Androo Robinson, self-published)
  • LowJinx # 2: Understanding the Horrible Truth About Reinventing Mini Comics (The Bastard Format) (various, edited by Kurt Wolfgang, Noe-Fie Mono-Media) *
  • Timberdoodle (Jon Kerschbaum, self-published)
  • True Stories, Swear to God (Tom Beland, self-published)

Outstanding Debut Comic

  • Dork #8 (Evan Dorkin, Slave Labor Graphics) *

2000 Jury Members:
Donna Barr
Sean Bieri
Phil Foglio
Dean Haspiel
Jason Little