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2002 Ignatz Awards

Outstanding Artist

  • Reneé French, The Soap Lady (Top Shelf)
  • Paul Hornschemeier, Sequential (I Don't Get It Graphics) & Forlorn Funnies (Absence Of Ink Press)
  • Megan Kelso, Artichoke Tales #1 (Highwater Books) & Non #5 (Red Ink Press) *
  • John Kerschbaum, Homecoming, Petey & Pussy (Fontanelle Press)
  • Thomas Ott, Greetings From Hellville (Fantagraphics Books)

Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection

  • Fallout, edited by Jim Ottaviani (G.T. Labs)
  • The Golem's Mighty Swing, by James Sturm (Drawn & Quarterly) *
  • Haw!, by Ivan Brunetti (Fantagraphics Books)
  • Non #5, edited by Jordan Crane (Red Ink Press)
  • Summer of Love, by Debbie Dreschler (Drawn & Quarterly)

Outstanding Story

  • "Retreat" by Megan Kelso, Artichoke Tales #1 (Highwater Books)
  • "Royal Sable" by Mira Friedmann, Actus Box Series (Actus Tragicus)
  • Trenches, by Scott Mills (Top Shelf Productions) *
  • "Where Hats Go", Kurt Wolfgang, Non #5 (Red Ink Press)
  • "Wir Müssen Wissen, Wir Werden Wissen (We Must Know, We Will Know)" by Ron Regé, Jr., Drawn & Quarterly vol. 4 (Drawn & Quarterly)

Promising New Talent

  • Jeffrey Brown, for Clumsy: A Novel (self-published)
  • Greg Cook, for Catch as Catch Can (Highwater Books) *
  • Mike Dawson, for Cabaret, and Gabbagool! (self-published)
  • Sammy Harkham, for Study Group 12 #2: "Though I Slumber, My Heart Is Still Awake" (Study Group 12)
  • Anders Brekhus Nilsen, for Big Questions #4: Asomatognosia (self-published)
  • Rick Smith & Tania Menesse, for Shuck (Shuck Comics)

Outstanding Series

  • Louis Riel, by Chester Brown (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Magic Whistle, by Sam Henderson (Alternative Comics)
  • Private Beach, by David Hahn (Slave Labor Graphics)
  • Sketchbook Diaries, by James Kochalka (Top Shelf Productions) *
  • Weasel, by Dave Cooper (Fantagraphics Books)

Outstanding Comic

  • Big Questions #4: Asomatognosia, by Anders Brekhus Nilsen (self-published)
  • Double Cross: More or Less, by Tony Consiglio (Top Shelf Productions)
  • Eightball #22, by Dan Clowes (Fantagraphics Books) *
  • Sketchbook Diaries Vol. 2, byJames Kochalka (Top Shelf Productions)
  • True Swamp: Stoneground and Hillbound, by Jon Lewis (Alternative Comics)

Outstanding Minicomic

  • Artichoke Tales #1, by Megan Kelso (Highwater Books) *
  • Double Cross Assortment, by Tony Consiglio (self-published)
  • Gloriana: Super Monster #14, by Kevin Huizenga (self-published)
  • Homecoming, by John Kerschbaum (Fontanelle Press)
  • Long Tail Kitty: Heaven, by Lark Pien (self-published)

Outstanding Web Comic

Outstanding Debut Comic

  • Pulpatoon Pilgrimage, by Joel Priddy (AdHouse Books) *

2002 Jury Members:
Suzanne Baumann
Nick Bertozzi
David Lasky
Alex Robinson