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2005 Ignatz Awards

Outstanding Artist

  • David B., Epileptic (Pantheon), Babel (Drawn & Quarterly) *
  • Jeffrey Brown, Bighead (Top Shelf Productions)
  • Roger Langridge, Fred the Clown (Fantagraphics)
  • Seth, Clyde Fans Book 1 (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Craig Thompson, Carnet de Voyage (Top Shelf Productions)

Outstanding Anthology or Collection

  • Above and Below: Two Tales of the American Frontier, James Sturm (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Dead Herring Comics, edited by Actus, (Actus Independent Comics)
  • Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, John Porcellino (La Mano) *
  • Fred the Clown, Roger Langridge (Fantagraphics)
  • Hutch Owen: Unmarketable, Tom Hart (Top Shelf Productions)

Outstanding Graphic Novel

  • Bighead, Jeffrey Brown (Top Shelf Productions)
  • Carnet de Voyage, Craig Thompson (Top Shelf Productions)
  • Cinema Panopticum, Thomas Ott (L'Association, Fantagraphics)
  • Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return, Marjane Satrapi (Pantheon) *
  • Why Are You Doing This?, Jason (Fantagraphics Books)

Outstanding Story

  • Dogs and Water, Anders Nilsen (Drawn and Quarterly) *
  • "Dumb Solitaire", in Love and Rockets #11 and #13, Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics)
  • "Homme De Le Bois", in The Frank Ritza Papers, David Collier (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • The Legend of Wild Man Fischer, Dennis P. Eichorn and J.R. Williams (Top Shelf Productions)
  • "Onion Jack", in Superior Showcase #0, Joel Priddy (AdHouse Books)

Promising New Talent

  • Joshua W. Cotter, Skyscrapers of the Midwest (AdHouse Books)
  • Rebecca Dart, RabbitHead (Alternative Comics)
  • Vanessa Davis, Spaniel Rage (Buenaventura Press)
  • Andy Runton, Owly (Top Shelf Productions) *
  • Karl Stevens, Guilty (Karl Stevens Publishing, dist. by Alternative Comics)

Outstanding Series

  • Bipolar, Tomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka, and Etgar Keret (Alternative Comics)
  • Deadpan, David Heatley (Self-published)
  • Finder, Carla Speed McNeil (Lightspeed Press) *
  • Love and Rockets vol. II, Los Bros Hernandez (Fantagraphics)
  • Skyscrapers of the Midwest, Joshua W. Cotter (AdHouse Books)

Outstanding Comic

  • Dogs & Water, Anders Nilsen (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • Love & Rockets #13, Los Bros. Hernandez (Fantagraphics)
  • Love & Rockets #12, Los Bros. Hernandez (Fantagraphics)
  • Or Else #1, Kevin Huizenga (Drawn & Quarterly) *
  • Worn Tuff Elbow #1, Marc Bell (Fantagraphics)

Outstanding Minicomic

  • Couch Tag #2, Jesse Reklaw (Self-published)
  • Dance, John Hankiewicz (Self-published)
  • Monday, Andy Hartzell (Self-published)
  • Ouija Interview #3, by Sarah Becan (Self-published)
  • Phase 7, Alec Longstreth (Self-published) *

Outstanding Online Comic

Outstanding Debut Comic

  • 676 apparitions of Killoffer, Killoffer, Typocrat Press
  • Action Philosphers: Self Help For Stupid Ugly Losers #1, Ryan Dunlavy & Fred Van Lente
  • American Music: A-Z, Ben Towle
  • Big Fat Whale's Sea Anomie, Brian McFadden
  • Conversations #2, James Kochalka & Jeffrey Brown, Top Shelf Productions
  • The Dada Alphabet, An Absurdist's Primer, Freese, Milloway & Wood
  • Dr. Dremo, Vol.1, DC Conspiracy
  • House of Twelve's Rashoman, Cheese Hasselberger, House of Twelve Matriculated, Phillip Chan, Digital Pimp Productions
  • Merde, Steve Ahlquist, Chris Reilly & Ben Towle
  • Owly, Vol. 3, Andy Runton, Top Shelf Productions
  • Pale Fire, MK Reed
  • Strange Detective Tales: Dead Love #2, Jesse Bausch & Jim Callahan, Oddgod Press
  • Stupid and Unkind, Robin Enrico
  • Superf*ckers #2, James Kochalka, Top Shelf Productions
  • The Surrogates #2, Robert Venditti & Brett Weldele, Top Shelf Productions
  • True Porn, Vol. 2, edited by Robyn Chapman & Kelli Nelson, Alternative Comics
  • Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?, Liz Prince, Top Shelf Productions *
  • Zed: Setting the Scene, Duane M. Abe, Corkey Comics