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Compiled by Ellen Eades

Favorite Artist category:

4 votes: Dave McKean and Steve Rude
3 votes: George Perez
2 votes: Kyle Baker, Alan Davis, Matt Howarth, Scott McCloud, Todd
McFarlane, Bill Sienkiewicz, John Totleben
1 vote:  Jim Aparo, Brian Bolland, John Bolton, Paul Chadwick, Jaime
Hernandez, Goseke Kojima, Eric Larson, Kevin O'Neill, Jerry Ordway,
Eric Shanower, Walt Simonson, Dave Stevens

Favorite Writer category (No contest, unless you were betting on the

18 votes: Alan Moore (for about the third consecutive year)
4 votes: Gilbert Hernandez, Grant Morrison
3 votes: Paul Chadwick
2 votes: Dave Sim
1 vote:  Mike Baron, John Byrne, Peter David, Pat Mills, William
Messner-Loebs, Dean Motter, Denny O'Neil, Walt Simonson

Favorite Writer-artist team category:

Special mention: Alan Moore, who gets another 6 votes as a team writer.

6 votes: Baron/Rude
5 votes: Helfer/Baker
3 votes: Gaiman/McKean, Moore/Bolland
2 votes: Moore/Lloyd, Perez/Perez, Sim/Gerhard, Waller/Worley
1 vote:  Claremont/Davis, Conway/Garcia-Lopez, Delano/Ridgway,
Gaiman/Kieth, Giffen/DeMatteis/MacGuire, Hartman/Shaw/Bird,
Levitz/Giffen, McCloud/McCloud, Mills/O'Neill, Moore/Totleben,

Favorite limited series, 12 or fewer issues (No contest; the only
question was, "By how much?" I was surprised to see The Prisoner so
outclassed, though -- and NO ONE voted for Stray Toasters!):

20 votes: V for Vendetta
3 votes:  Black Orchid, The Prisoner
1 vote:   Blood, Cinder & Ashe, Eddy Current, Flash Gordon, Forever
People, Havok & Wolverine, Hawk & Dove, Marshall Law, Nausicaa, Next
Nexus, Wonder Wart-hog and the Nurds of November, and Xanadu (Thoughts
and Images)

Favorite book, more than 12 issues (We have good taste!):

6 votes: Cerebus
5 votes: Love & Rockets
3 votes: Concrete, Sandman, Zot!
2 votes: Jonny Quest, Miracleman
1 vote:  Akira, Amazing Spider-Man, Animal Man, Fusion, Ghostbusters,
Hellblazer, Incredible Hulk, Justice, Ninja High School, Omaha the Cat
Dancer, Puma Blues, The Mark, The Question, The Shadow, Those Annoying
Post Bros., Wonder Woman, Yummy Fur

Favorite character:

4 votes: Batman, Jenny in Zot!
3 votes: Concrete
2 votes: Animal Man, Cerebus, Ed the Happy Clown, Evey, John
Constantine, Maggie Chascarillo, Mr. Sandman
1 vote:  Badger, Billy Nguyen, Guy Gardner, Hopey, Jonny Quest,
Justice, Keif Llama, Lamont, Miracleman, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Savage
Henry, Spider-Man, Stinz Lowhard, The Joker, The Mark, The Sleepman, V

Favorite comic team:

8 votes: Justice League International
5 votes: Legion of Super-heroes
3 votes: Excalibur
2 votes: Nexus/Judah/Badger, Las Locas, The Shadow's agents & cohorts
1 vote:  Doom Patrol, Dreadstar & Co., Duenan & Briareos, E.C.
Avengers, Elementals, Ghostbusters, Hawk & Dove, Kei & Yuri, New
Titans, Pat's Whiz-Bang Construction Co., Soldiers of Area 88, Spud 'n'
Ernie, Strikeforce: Morituri, The Beanworld, The Post Bros., X-Men

Favorite Graphic Novel (Not a good year for this genre, as Jeff said):

17 votes: The Killing Joke
2 votes:  The Cowboy Wally Show
1 vote:   Death of Groo, Excalibur #1, Hard-Boiled Defective Stories,
Shadowplay, Someplace Strange, The Incal, Violent Cases, Watch that Man

Favorite Usenetter (A *lot* of new or semi-new faces this year catching
up on the Terrible Twosome):

9 votes:  Jeff Meyer (Moriarty)
6 votes:  Jerry Boyajian
3 votes:  Tom Galloway
2 votes:  Dan Parmenter, Peter David, Eric Sadoyama
1 vote:   Chris Jarocha-Ernst, Dan'l Denehy-Oakes, Dani Zweig, Ellen
Eades, Karen Williams, Kathy Li, Mark Ethan Smith (:-), Roach, Thuan
Nguyen, Tim Maroney