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1990s "Best of the Decade" Squiddy Awards

Compilers: ( Johanna Draper Carlson, Bryan Harris, Carl Henderson, and Todd VerBeek.

Total number of voters: 111

Best Comics Writer of the 1990's
20 Neil Gaiman
17 Alan Moore
13 Kurt Busiek
9 Grant Morrison
8 Garth Ennis
5 Warren Ellis
4 Mark Waid
3 Peter David
2 Dan Clowes
Keith Giffen
Gilbert Hernandez
Joe Kelly
1 Peter Bagge; Bill Black; John Byrne; J.M. DeMatteis; Rachel Hartman; Barbara Kesel; Rob Liefeld; Jeph Loeb; Dwayne McDuffie; Mike Mignola; Frank Miller; Doug Moench; Christopher Priest; James Robinson; Stan Sakai; Jim Shooter; Dave Sim; Garry Trudeau; Marv Wolfman

Best Comics Artist of the 1990's
16 Alex Ross
14 George Perez
7 Steve Rude
6 Dave McKean
Frank Miller
4 Phil Jimenez
David Mack
Mike Mignola
3 Alan Davis
Charles Vess
Chris Ware
2 Steve Dillon
Adam Hughes
Jim Lee
1 Donna Barr; M.D. Bright; John Byrne; Brad Gorby; Tony Harris; Rachel Hartman; Jaime Hernandez; Lynn Johnston; Gil Kane; Adam Kubert; Jae Lee; Rob Liefeld; Ron Lim; Carla Speed MacNeil; Kevin Maguire; Jeff Moy; Mike Parobeck; Paul Pope; John Romita, Jr; Don Rosa; Stan Sakai; Dave Sim; Brian Stelfreeze; Rumiko Takahashi; Matt Wagner; J.H. Williams III

Best Comics Story of the 1990's
8 Marvels
6 From Hell
5 Kurt Busiek's Astro City: Confessions (#4-9)
Stuck Rubber Baby
4 Death of Superman
Doom Patrol #57-63
3 Batman: Long Halloween
Deadpool #1-30
Reign of the Supermen
Sandman: Ramadan (#50)
Sandman: Brief Lives
Sandman: The Wake
2 Doom Patrol: Brotherhood of Dada (#26-29,49-52); Flash: Nobody Dies (#54); Golden Age; JLA: Rock of Ages; Love & Rockets: Poison River(#32-40); Maison Ikkoku; Sin City; Stormwatch: Change or Die (#48-50)
1 Aquaman: My Hero (#13); Avengers: The Crossing; Avengers: Morganverse (#1-4); Batman Adventures: Mr. Nice, Mastermind and The Professor(#38); Batman/Captain America; Batman: Death of Innocents; Batman: Prodigal; Death/Return/Reign of Superman; Dropsie Avenue: The Neighborhood; Eightball: Ghost World; Femforce #90; Flash: Return of Barry Allen; For Better or For Worse: Farley's death; Frank in the River; Funeral for a Friend (Superman books); Girlfrenzy: Donna Troy; Grendel Tales: Devil's Choices; JLA: The Nail; Kingdom Come; Legion of Super-Heroes: White Triangle; Life and Times of Uncle Scrooge; Love & Rockets: Blood of Palomar; Onslaught; Sandman; Sandman: Dream of a Thousand Cats (#18); Sandman: A Game of You (#32-37); Sin City: That Yellow Bastard; Spectre: Search for God (#57-62); Squadron Supreme; Starman: Sins of the Father (#0-5); Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street (#1-3); Xero

Best Ongoing Series of the 1990's
22 Sandman
11 Kurt Busiek's Astro City
9 Preacher
6 Acme Novelty Library
5 Invisibles
4 Incredible Hulk
3 Chase
Usagi Yojimbo
2 Avengers; Cerebus; Deadpool; Flash; Hawk & Dove; Legion of Super-Heroes; Nightwing; Quantum & Woody; Spectre; Suicide Squad
1 100 Bullets; Akiko; Amy Unbounded; Aquaman (1991); Batman Adventures; Bone; Castle Waiting; Doctor Fate (DeMatteis); Doonesbury; Femforce; Finder; For Better or For Worse; Hellboy; John Byrne's Next Men; Kane; Love & Rockets; Maison Ikkoku; Maverick; Sandman Mystery Theatre; Scare Tactics; Sin City; Superman Adventures; Transmetropolitan

Best Limited Series of the 1990's
14 From Hell
13 Kingdom Come
12 Marvels
5 Enigma
4 Cages
Flex Mentallo
Golden Age
3 Batman: Long Halloween
The Kents
Superman for All Seasons
2 Death: The High Cost of Living
Heart of Empire
Buck Godot: Zap Gun For Hire (The Gallimaufry)
1 Arcanum; Artesia; Avengers Forever; Books of Magic; Damned; Danger Unlimited; Daredevil: Man without Fear; DC One Million; Geisha; Grendel Tales: Devil's Choices; Martian Manhunter: American Secrets; Metal Men; Spider-Man: The Lost Years; Tempest; Total Justice; Ultra Girl

Best New Character or Team of the 1990's
8 Invisibles
Kurt Busiek's Astro City (cast)
7 Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan)
5 Hellboy
Transmetropolitan (cast)
4 Cameron Chase (Chase)
Preacher (cast)
Stormwatch/The Authority (cast)
3 The Authority (cast)
2 Cerebus (cast); Deadpool; Impulse; Jack Knight (Starman); Jesse Custer (Preacher); Legion of Super-Heroes; Mike the Parademon (Total Justice); Sandman (cast); Shade the Changing Man (cast); Strangers in Paradise (cast)
1 All New eXiles; Bane (Batman); Bobo (Starman); Dream (Sandman); Firebeam (Femforce); Green Lantern Kyle Rayner; Tommy Monaghan (Hitman); Jesse Quick (Flash); Jimmy Corrigan (ACME Novelty Library; John Byrne's Next Men; Kabuki and Noh Agents (Kabuki); King Mob (Invisibles); New Warriors; Planetary (cast); Quantum & Woody (cast); Savage Dragon (cast); Shadow Cabinet/Heroes (Shadow Cabinet); Skrull Kill Krew; Starman (cast); Top 10 (cast); Young Heroes (Young Heroes In Love)