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1992 R.A.C Squiddy Awards
[probably run by Roger Klorese (]


1.      Favorite Artist

5       George Perez
5       Frank Miller
4       Dave Sim
4       Dave McKean
4       Alan Davis
3       Matt Wagner
3       Todd McFarlane
3       Gerhard
3       Chris Bachalo

2 votes each:  Jeff Smith, Stan Sakai, Tom Palmer, Jim Lee, Dale Keown,
Adam Hughes, Jaime Hernandez, Richard Case, John Byrne, Sal Buscema

1 vote each:  Tom Yeates, Kent Williams, Bill Watterson, Charles Vess,
Colin Upton, Tim Truman, Mark Texeira, Curt Swan, Silas F Smith,
P Craig Russel, Tom Raney, Joe Quesada, Steve Purcell, Brendan McCarthy,
Joseph M Linsner, Ron Lim, Steve Lightle, Jae Lee, Matt Howarth,
Paul Gulacy, Keith Giffen, Maurice Fontenot, Ben Dunn, Mike Dringenberg,
Colleen Doran, Geof Darrow, Steven Butler, Mark Buckingham,
Chester Brown, Simon Bisley, Donna Barr, Mark Bagley, Peter Bagge

2.      Favorite Writer

37      Neil Gaiman
12      Dave Sim
9       Peter David
3       Fabian Nicieza
3       Alan Moore
2       Garth Ennis
2       Alan Davis
2       Chris Claremont

1 vote each:  Bill Watterson, Mark Waid, Matt Wagner, Colin Upton,
Rumiko Takahashi, Peter Milligan, Frank Miller, David Lee Ingersoll,
Jaime Hernandez, Gilberto Hernandez, Roberta Gregory, Alan Grant,
Dennis Eichhorn, Evan Dorkin, Dan Clowes, Eddie Campbell, John Byrne,
Kyle Baker

3.      Favorite Team

28      Sim/Gerhard
5       Davis/Farmer
5       PAD/Keown
4       Morrison/Case/Woch
3       Gaiman/McKean
2       Claremont/Lee/Portacio
2       Lee/Choi
2       PAD/Perez
1.5     Giffen/Bierbaum/Bierbaum
1.5     Giffen/Fleming

1 vote each:  Aragones/Evanier/Sakai/Luth, Barr, Brubaker/Shanower,
Byrne, Davis, Edlund/Polio/Suarez, Eisner, Ennis/Simpson, Foglio,
Gaiman/Buckingham, Gaiman/Jones/Kelin/Vozzo, Gaiman/Klein, Gaiman/Williams,
Grant/Breyfogle, Grant/Semeiks/Smith, Jones/Johnson, Layton/BWS, Marz/Lim,
Messner-Loebs/Eaton/Gross, Milligan/Bachalo/Pennington, Milligan/McCarthy,
Nicieza/Bagley, Ostrander/Duursema, Ostrander/Mandrake, Ostrander/Truman,
Raimi/Bolton, Strazewski/Parobeck, Sweetman/Louapre

4.      Favorite Limited Series**

No clear leader, again.  I'll have to admit I'm a little surprised at the
first place vote-getter, in an industry that has shown little ability to
laugh at itself, especially with any *real* humor...

7       Slapstick
6       Grendel: War Child
4       Cages
4       Deadface: Earth, Water...
4       Ray
4       Stanley and his Monster
4       Star Wars: Dark Empire
3       Griffin
3       Martian Manhunter
2       Concrete: Fragile Creatures
2       Deadman: Exorcism
2       Eyeball Kid
2       Hacker Files
2       Sin City
2       Space Usagi
2       WildC.A.T.S.

1 vote each:  Ambush Bug Nothing Special, Arion the Immortal,
Batman: Gotham Nights, Batman: Seduction of the Gun, Cat Claw,
Congorilla, Death of Superman, Death's Head II, Elongated Man,
Guy Gardner: Reborn, Heckler, Hulk: Future Imperfect,
James Bond: Serpent's Tooth, Mechanismo (in Judge Dredd), Metropol AD,
Miracleman: Apocrypha, Night Thrasher, Ragman, Robin III, Savage Dragon,
Secret Wars, Skidmarks, Transmutation of Ike Garuda,
Vampirella: Morning in America

(** There are a few types of improper votes above: First, there are some
series below that didn't appear in 1992.  Second, there are some series
that became limited only by cancellation; that doesn't count either. 
Listed anyway for completeness in reflection of actual voting.)

5.      Favorite Continuing Series

31      Sandman
15      Cerebus
4       Excalibur
3       Hulk
3       New Warriors
3       X-Factor
2       Hellblazer
2       Shade the Changing Man

1 vote each:  Amazing Spider-Man, Aquaman, Archer & Armstrong,
Batman: Legend of Dark Knight, Beautiful Stories...,
Colin Upton's Big Thing, Desert Peach, Dirty Plotte, Doom Patrol,
Eightball, Flash, Ghost Rider, Hate, Hepcats, L.E.G.I.O.N.,
Legion of Super-Heroes, Love and Rockets, Miracleman, Omaha, The Nam,
Those Annoying Post Bros., Tick, X-Force

6.      Favorite New Series**

6.5     Green Lantern: Mosaic
6       Bone
6       Justice Society of America
4       Doom 2099
4       John Byrne's Next Men
4       Spawn
3.5     Heckler
3       Batman: Shadow of the Bat
3       Spectre
2.5     Spider-Man 2099
2       Archer & Armstrong
2       Black Condor
2       Peep Show
2       WildC.A.T.S.

1 vote each:  A Distant Soil, Albedo, Classic Star Wars, Collier's, Cud,
Eclipso, Green Lantern Corps Qtly., Hacker Files, Hammer Locke,
Hard Looks, Incomplete Death's Head, Man Eating Cow, MaxiMortal, Morbius,
Nomad, Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, Protectors, Ranma 1/2, Silver Sable,
Slutburger Stories, Spirit: the Origin Years, Stanley and his Monster,
Vampirella, William Shatner's TekWorld
(** Half-votes are due to voters listing two things or claiming something
should only get half of a vote)

7.      Favorite Within Series**

11      Cerebus: Mothers and Daughters
10      Sandman: Brief Lives
5       Animal Man: Flesh and Blood
3       Sandman: A Game of You
3       Sandman: The Hunt
3       Shade: Shade, the Changing Woman
2       Batman LOTDK: Blades
2       Batman LOTDK: Faces
2       Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits
2       Hellblazer: Royal Blood
2       Hepcats: Snowblind
2       Sandman: A Parliament of Rooks
2       Sandman: Convergence
2       X-Factor: X-aminations

1 vote each:  (Gay Comics Special) Leonard & Larry, (Taboo) From Hell,
Amazing Spider-Man: Carnage, Bone: (#5), Cerebus: Flight,
Champions/Flare/Knights: Morrigan Wars, Doom Patrol: (#55),
Excalibur: Search for a Hero, GLCQ: Charlie Vickers,
Green Lantern: The Third Law, Hellblazer: (Ellie's Escape from Hell),
Hulk: Ghosts from the Past, Love & Rockets: Wig Wam Bam,
Meat Cake: Pranks a Lot, Miracleman: The Golden Age,
New Warriors: Nothing but the Truth, Sandman: (#43),
Sandman: Distant Mirrors, Sandman: Soft Places,
Savage Dragon: Rock this Town, Snake Eyes: City Twisters,
Spectacular Spider-Man: Death of Venom, Uncanny X-Men: (#297),
Uncanny X-Men: Song's End, X-Force: XEcutioner's Song
(** Probably more than a few ineligible votes. In particular, some of
the Sandman entries may be duplicates...  Also, some of these
"within" stories may not be at all.

8.      Most Improved Series

10      Animal Man
10      X-Factor
6.5     X-Force
6       Cerebus
5       Excalibur
3       Hellblazer
3       Avengers
2       Green Lantern
2       Hawkworld
2       Spectacular Spider-Man
2       Thor
1.5     Uncanny X-Men

1 vote each:  Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Issue, Batman: LOTDK, Detective,
Flash, Gay Comics, Hepcats, Hulk, Justice League of America,
Legion of Super Heroes, Love and Rockets, Namor, Nexus, Ninja High School,
Sandman, Spider-Man, Stanley and his Monster, Tantalizing Stories,
Uncle Scrooge
(** Half-votes are due to voters listing two things or claiming something
should only get half of a vote)

9.      Favorite Character

9       Death
8       John Constantine
6       Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde
5       Cerebus
5       Tick
4       Delirium
3       Hulk
3       Tenzil Kem
2       Aric, X-O Manowar
2       Pfirsich Rommel

1 vote each:  'Mazing Man, Ambush Bug, Animal Man, Astoria, Bacchus,
Black Knight, Bone, Brainiac 5, Buddy Bradley, Cannonball, Cypher,
Daredevil, Death's Head I, Doc Samson, Elrod, Esperanza "Hopey" Glass,
Flash, Herman Vermin, Hillbilly Bastard, Jan Arrah, Jo Nah, Joe Matt,
John Stewart, Jubilee, Lobo, Madrox, the Multiple Man, Maggie Chascarillo,
Magneto, Mervyn, Paul the Samurai, Phoenix/Rachel Summers, Professor Ed,
Psylocke, Rebis, Roach/Swoon, Sandman, Savage Dragon, Susie Derkins,
Swamp Thing, Wolverine

10.     Favorite Group

10      Legion of Super Heroes
9       Endless
9       Excalibur
7       Doom Patrol
6       X-Factor
5       X-Men
4       New Warriors
3       Harbinger
2       Bulldaggers
2       Hate cast
2       L.E.G.I.O.N.
2       Roach/Elrod ( & Swoon/Snuff)
2       X-Force

1 vote each:  (Willingham's) Elementals, Archer & Armstrong, Avengers,
Bill and Ted, Brat Pack, Cain & Abel, Cirinists, Desert Peach cast,
Hero Alliance, Joe Matt/Chester Brown/Seth, Justice Society of America,
New Titans, Oz Squad, Sam and Max, Shade/Kathy/Lenny, Sinister Horde,
The Nam cast, Uncle Scrooge, Donald, HD&L, WildC.A.T.S.

11.     Favorite Graphic Novel

12      Signal to Noise
9       Star Trek: Debt of Honor
4       Maus II
4       Sin City
3       Batman: Birth of the Demon
3       Gregory 2
2       Batman/Dracula: Red Rain
2       Changes
2       Hulk: Future Imperfect
2       Skin
2       Wolverine: Inner Fury

1 vote each:  "I Can't Afford Them", Ambush Bug Nothing Special,
Batman/GA: Poison Tomorrow, Batman: Seduction of the Gun,
Black Widow/Punisher, Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde v.1, Ironwolf,
Light Fantastic, Mojo Mayhem, Sinking, Spider-Man: The Wedding,
Spider-Man: Torment, Vampirella's Summer Nights, Wolverine: Rahne of Terra,
Life, Adventures of Santa Claus

12.     Favorite Reprint Volume

20      Sandman: Season of Mists
4       Legion Archives v.2
3       Sin City
2       Bradleys
2       Doom Patrol: Crawling...
2       Hellblazer: Original Sins
2       Tales of the Beanworld v.2

1 vote each:  All-Star Archives, Bloodlines: Heart of Africa, Bratpack,
Cerebus: Jaka's Story, Changes, Classic X-Men, Complete Halo Jones,
Crow, Eyeball Kid, Gay Comics Special #1, Gladstone's Walt Disney's C&S,
Green Lantern: The Way Back, Groo Carnival, Harbinger TPB, Hey Look!,
Incomplete Death's Head #1, Marvel Masterworks: FF, Maus II,
Miracleman Book 4: Golden Age, My Perfect Life, Newark and Reality...,
Peep Show, Shock Suspenstories, Swamp Thing: Love & Death,
Terry and the Pirates (FB), Thor: Alone Against Celestials, Tick Omnibus 2,
Torchy Special, Two-Fisted Tales, Vampirella: Transcending...,
Vault of Horror, Warlock reprint series, Weapon X, XTinction Agenda

13.     Favorite Strip

29      Calvin and Hobbes
12      Fox Trot
11      Doonesbury
5       Dilbert
4       Far Side
3       Ernie
2       Cathy
2       For Better or For Worse
2       Mr. Boffo
2       Peanuts

1 vote each:  Brenda Starr, Curtis, Ernie Pook's Comeek, Fusco Bros.,
Herman, Jim's Journal, Life in Hell, Nina's Adventures, Outland,
Ozone Patrol, Prince Valiant, Rose is Rose, Sylvia, Wasteland

14.     Favorite**
(Every voter could vote for up to 3 people)

29      Thomas Young Galloway (tyg)
16      Dani Zweig
13      Peter David
10      Jim Cowling
9       Jim Drew
9       Lance "Squiddie" Smith
8       Jeff Meyer (Moriarty)
8       Greg Morrow (Elmo)
5       Dave van Domelen
4       Enrique Conty
3       Jerry Boyajian
3       DDO (Roach)
3       David Henry
2       Jim Dyer
2       Elizabeth Holden
2       Ted Kagutt (Scavenger)
2       Robert Kelly (Senator)
2       Roger B.A. Klorese
2       John LaRocque
2       WReam

1 vote each:  Arthur C Adams, Tom Barrett, Michael Chary, Drizzt, Ted
Faber, Victoria Fike, Mark Friedman, Vernon Harmon, Chris Jarocha-Ernst,
Mike Jittlov, Rick Jones, Kieran, Roland Mann, Mick McCarter, Morgan, Bob
Mosley (Omega), Brian Perler, Jim Pruyne, Jim Shooter, GL Sicherman,
Tanaqui, Francis Uy, Craig Welsh, Wayne Wong
(** Some people may be listed under pseudonym and real name)