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Results of the 1990 R.A.C Comics Awards Poll
(votes taken and compiled by mathews@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Ryan Mathews))

Total number of voters : 101


Favorite artist:

14      Bill Sienkiewicz
9       Dave Sim
8       Jim Lee
8       Steve Rude
5       Simon Bisley
5       Alan Davis
5       Dave McKean
4       Gerhard
4       Todd MacFarlane
3       Arthur Adams
3       John Byrne
3       Adam Hughes

Tied with 2 : Brian Bolland, Geof Darrow, Colleen Doran, Kelley
Jones, Dale Keown, Ron Lim, Mike Mignola, George Perez, P. Craig
Russell, Masamune Shirow

Tied with 1 : Sergio Aragones, Carl Barks, Mark Bagely, Donna Barr,
Paul Chadwick, Ben Edlund, Dave Gibbons, Keith Giffen, Jackson Guice,
Scott Hampton, Gilbert Hernandez, Sam Jones, Daerick Gross, Klaus
Janson, Malcolm Jones III, Dan Jurgens, Gil Kane, Sam Kieth, Eric
Larsen, Rick Leonardi, Angel Medina, Hayao Miyazaki, John J. Muth,
Eric Shanower, Walt Simonson, Stan Sakai, Curt Swan, Bryan Talbot,
John Totleben, Tom Verre, Charles Vess, Adam Warren, Bill Watterson


Favorite writer:

31      Neil Gaiman
21      Dave Sim
17      Peter David
9       Alan Moore
6       Grant Morrison
4       Tom & Mary Bierbaum
4       Keith Giffen
3       Scott McCloud

Tied with 2 : Peter Bagge, Donna Barr, Chris Claremont, Gilbert
Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, Frank Miller, Doug Moench, Masamune
Shirow, Walt Simonson

Tied with 1 : Kyle Baker, Carl Barks, John Byrne, J.M. DeMatteis,
Larry Hama, Yokinobu Hoshino, Gerard Jones, Jim Starlin, Mark
Verheiden, Martin Wagner


Favorite creative team:

27      Dave Sim/Gerhard
10      Alan Moore/Bill Sienkiewicz
8       Chris Claremont/Jim Lee[/Tom Orzechowski]
5       Peter David/Dale Keown[/Bob McLeod]
5       Keith Giffen/Tom & Mary Bierbaum[/Al Gordon]
5       Grant Morrison/Richard Case[/Nyberg]
4       Neil Gaiman/Kelley Jones[/Sam Dringenberg]

Tied with 2 :  Mike Baron/Steve Rude, Peter David/Angel Medina, Mark
Evanier/Sergio Aragones, Neil Gaiman/Charles Vess, Keith Giffen/J.M.
DeMatteis[/Adam Hughes], Frank Miller/Dave Gibbons,
Milligan/Pennington[/Bachalo], Marv Wolfman/George Perez

Tied with 1 : Terry Austin/Art Adams, John Byrne/John Romita Jr,
Cowan/O'Neil, J.M.DeMatteis/McManus, Simon Furman/Andrew Wildman,
Neil Gaiman/Buckingham, Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean, Dave Gibbons/Steve
Rude/Karl Kesel, Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle, Hedden/McWeeney, Los
Bros. Hernandez, Gerald Jones/Eduardo Barreto, Dave Louapre/Dan
Sweetman, Pat Mills/Kevin O'Neill, Doug Moench/Paul Gulacy/Terry
Austin/Steve Oliff/John Costanza, Doug Moench/Joe Phillips/Bob
Dvorak, Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons, Fabian Niceza/Mark Bagely,
Ordway/Janke/Stern (Superman writers), Toren Smith/Adam Warren, Jim
Starlin/Ron Lim, Roger Stern/Dave Hoover/Scott Hanna, Tim Vigil/Quin,


Favorite limited series, 12 or fewer issues:

13      Big Numbers
12      World's Finest
7       Hard Boiled
7       Lobo
7       Robin
5       Atlantis Chronicles
5       Dirty Pair: A Plague of Angels
4       Books of Magic
4       Give Me Liberty
4       Wild Cards
3       Foolkiller
3       Thanos Quest
3       The Vampire Lestat
2       Aliens vs. Predator
2       Bratpack
2       The Magic Flute
2       Starstruck

Tied with 1 : A1, Appleseed Book 3, Breathtaker, Cages, Critical
Mass, The Crow, Damage Control 2, Deathlok, Dominion, The Elsewhere
Prince, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, The Hobbit, Horobi part one,
Invaders from Home, Meta-4, The Nazz, Ring of Niebelung, Nomad,
Southern Squadron, Tapping the Vein, 2001 Nights, XXXenophile


Favorite established continuing series:

26      Cerebus
26      Sandman
12      Legion of Super-Heroes
7       Incredible Hulk
6       Uncanny X-Men
6       Zot!
4       Doom Patrol
3       Justice League Europe
3       Love and Rockets

Tied with 2 :  Amazing Spider-Man, Groo the Wanderer, Hawk & Dove,
Outlanders, Silver Surfer

Tied with 1 : Akira, Animal Man, Beautiful Stories for Ugly
Children, Desert Peach, Dreadstar, Eightball, Fantastic Four, Faust,
Flaming Carrot Comics, Flash, Freak Brothers, Hepcats, Iron Man,
Legends of the Dark Knight, Miracleman, Mr. Miracle, Roachmill,
Stinz, The Tick, 2000 A.D., Xenozoic Tales, Yummy Fur


Favorite new continuing series:

15      Shade the Changing Man
9       Knights of Pendragon
8       Green Lantern
6       Spider-Man
5       Hawkworld
4       New Warriors
3       Fringe
3       Hate
3       Namor
2       Justice League Quarterly
2       Mighty Mouse
2       Rhudiprrt, Prince of Fur

Tied with 1 : Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Comics, Cat Claw, Cat
and Mouse, Classics Illustrated, Demon, Drawn & Quarterly, Original
Dick Tracy, Original Dick Tracy Comic Album, Dirty Plotte, Elfquest:
Kings of the Broken Circle, The Eye of Mongombo, Ghost Rider,
Huntress, Jazz Age Chronicles, Junior Carrot Patrol, Ms. Tree,
Nightbreed, Stalkers, Who's Who


The winner isn't a surprise, though Sandman taking 3 of the top 4 is.
It should be noted that the Legion of Super-Heroes retcon would have
been listed, had not the creators of that book failed to give the
story an overall title, thus disqualifying it.

Favorite within series:

27      Jaka's Story (Cerebus)
14      A Doll's House (Sandman)
11      Season of Mists (Sandman)
8       Dream Country (Sandman)
5       Prey (Legends of the Dark Knight)
4       Trial of James T. Kirk (Star Trek)
3       The Earth Stories (Zot!)
3       The Extremist Vector (JLE)
3       Girl's School from Heck (Excalibur)

Tied with 2 :  Armor Wars II (Iron Man), Dark Knight Dark City
(Batman), The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy (Usagi Yojimbo), Gothic
(Legends of the Dark Knight), Torment (Spider-Man), X-Tinction Agenda

Tied with 1 : Cosmic Squish Principle (She-Hulk), The Family Man
(Hellblazer), Like-a-Looks (Cerebus), Love and Rockets (Love and
Rockets), Necropolis (2000 A.D.), Poison River (Love and Rockets),
Titans Hunt (New Titans), Trial of Marc Spector (Moon Knight)


Comeback Award for most improved book:

18      Uncanny X-Men
12      Incredible Hulk
8       Fantastic Four

Tied with 2 : Captain America, Daredevil, Doom Patrol, Iron Man,
Legends of the Dark Knight, Legion of Super-Heroes, Sandman, Silver
Surfer, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Zot!

Tied with 1 : Adventures of Superman, Animal Man, Baker Street,
Batman, Crisis, The Desert Peach, Excalibur, Fish Police, Green
Lantern, Hawk & Dove, Hellblazer, Legends of the Dark Knight,
Miracleman, New Titans, Nexus, Puma Blues, She-Hulk, Star Trek,


Favorite character:

9       Death (Sandman)
6       Cerebus
6       Dream (Sandman)
6       Kitty Pryde
5       The Hulk
4       Spider-Man
3       Concrete
3       John Constantine
3       Marshall Law
3       Matt Murdock (Daredevil)
3       Jenny (Zot!)

Tied with 2 :  Buddy Baker (Animal Man), Batman, Hal Jordan,
Magneto, Wolverine

Tied with 1 : The American, Bacchus (Deadface), Badger, Beanish
(Tales of the Beanworld), Woody Bernstein (Zot!), Buddy Bradley
(Hate), Chester Brown (Yummy Fur), Captain America, Changeling,
Cyclops, Deunan (Appleseed), Dove, Tim Drake (Robin), Elektra, Faust,
Reid Fleming, Forge (X-Men), Guy Gardner, Heraclio (Love and
Rockets), Hopey (Love and Rockets), Jaka (Cerebus), Jubilee (X-Men),
Judge Dredd, Princess Kahm (Outlanders), Kei (Dirty Pair), Tenzil Kem
(Legion of Super-Heroes), Lobo, The Lone Goat (Usagi Yojimbo),
Lucifer (Sandman), Willoughby Kipling (Doom Patrol), Kate Mclellan
(Knights of Pendragon), Mickey Mouse, Mr. Nobody, Mister X, Mo (Dykes
to Watch Out For), Nausicaa, Omaha, Pa Perkins (Polly and Her Pals),
Ron Post (Those Annoying Post Brothers), Franklin Richards, Rick
(Cerebus), The Roach (Cerebus), Roachmill, Rogue, Pfirsich Rommel
(Desert Peach), She-Hulk, Stinz, Speedball, Superman, Mrs. Thatcher
(Cerebus), Thor, The Tick, Usagi Yojimbo, Wally West


Favorite team of characters:

22      Legion of Super-Heroes
11      Doom Patrol
7       X-Men
6       Fantastic Four
6       Justice League America
5       The Endless (Sandman)
5       Excalibur
4       Elementals
3       Hawk and Dove
3       Justice League Europe
3       The cast of Desert Peach
3       The cast of Zot!
2       L.E.G.I.O.N.
2       New Warriors

Tied with 1 : A.B.C Warriors, Aliens, Avengers, The Beans (Tales of
the Beanworld), Boom'r Band (Tales of the Beanworld), The Buldaggers
(Savage Henry), Chow Sol'jers (Tales of the Beanworld), The Dirty
Pair, The Extremists (JLE), Hero Alliance, Justice League
International, The Inferior Five, Lord Julius's Like-a-Looks
(Cerebus), The Miracle Family (Miracleman), The New Titans, Silver
Surfer/The Impossible Man, Space Barbarians (Outland), Suicide Squad,
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Wolfriders, Wolveroach/Elrod,


Favorite graphic novel:

13      Why I Hate Saturn
12      Elektra Lives Again
4       Epicurus the Sage
4       Spider-Man: Spirits of the Earth
4       Wolverine: Bloodlust
2       Arkham Asylum
2       Batman: Digital Justice
2       Gregory

Tied with one : Bride of the Demon, Enemy Ace: A War Idyll, Excalibur:
Weird War III, Flash Special, Grimjack: The Demon Wars, Marshal Law:
Kingdom of the Blind, Moby Dick (Classics Illustrated), Night is the
Enemy, Triumph and Torment, Wilderness


Favorite reprint volume:

10      Sandman: A Doll's House
8       Swamp Thing: Love and Death
5       Cerebus: Jaka's Story
5       V for Vendetta
4       Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes
4       Concrete: Complete Short Stories
3       Classics of Western Literature (Bloom County)
3       Horsebrush & Other Stories (Stinz)
2       The Compleat Alec
2       Ed the Happy Clown
2       Marvel Masterworks #13 (FF 21-30 + Ann. 1)
2       The Spirit Casebook

Tied with 1 : Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Akira, Carl Barks
Library vol VI, Carl Barks library vol. X, Blueberry, The Bradleys,
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Cartoon History of the World, Daredevil:
Marked for Death, DC Classic Editions: Batman 1, Deadface:
Immortality Isn't Forever, The Death of Kraven the Hunter, Dick Tracy
Casebook, Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men, Greatest Flash Stories Ever
Told, The Flying Buttress (Terry and the Pirates), The Greatest
Golden Age Stories Ever Told, Havok & Wolverine : Meltdown,
Hellblazer vol. 3, Li'l Nemo in Slumberland vol. 2, Li'l Nemo in
Slumberland vol. 3, Outlanders vol. 1, Mai the Psychic Girl, Marvel
Masterworks #15 - The Silver Surfer, Marshall Law, Miracleman Book
Two, My Crowd (Charles Addams), Prince Valiant, Recycled Doonesbury,
Silver Surfer (#1-7), Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff, Stinz,
Superman Archives, Tales of the Beanworld, Tank Girl, The Tick
Omnibus, Watchmen (re-release), Weirdos from Another Planet


Favorite comic strip or newspaper cartoon:

61      Calvin and Hobbes
41      Doonesbury
10      Foxtrot
5       The Far Side
5       Robotman
3       For Better or For Worse
3       Peanuts

Tied with 1 : Arlo and Janis, Batman, Brenda Starr, Dilbert, Ernie,
Ernie Pook's Comeek, The Fusco Brothers, Garfield, Life in Hell,
Ophelia and Jake, Outland, Rose is Rose, Syvia


Favorite political cartoonist:

29      G.B. Trudeau (Doonesbury)
19      Tom Toles (Buffalo News)
4       Patrick Oliphant (UPI)
3       Berke Breathed
3       Jules Feiffer (Village Voice)
3       Jeff MacNelly (Chicago Tribune)

Tied with 2 :  Aislin (Montreal Gazette), Jim Borgman (Cincinnati
Enquirer), Bill Day (Detroit Free Press), Mike Peters (Dayton Daily
News), Mark Alan Stamaty (Washingtoon)

Tied with 1 : Tony Auth (Philadelphia Enquirer), Steve Bell (If...,
UK Guardian), Matt Groening, Nicole Hollander, Bruce MacKinnon
(Halifax Mail-Star), Pat Ohman, Kari Suomalainen, John Trevor
(Albuquerque Journal), Bill Watterson


Former shoo-in Moriarty, after tying last year, finally gives up the
ghost and drops to third (much to his delight, I suspect :-) ). Oh,
and some jerk named Ryan Mathews, who didn't get a single vote last
year, is tied for seventh.

Favorite R.A.C'er:

25      Peter David
23      Jayembee
20      Moriarty
10      Jim Drew
9       Martin Terman
7       Kenneth Arromdee
6       Chris Jarocha-Ernst
6       Ryan Mathews
6       Kitty Pryde
5       The Rev. Mom
4       Dani Zweig
3       Enrique Conty
3       Bob "Omega" Mosley
2       Milo D. Cooper
2       Dan'l Danehy-Oakes
2       Paul Estin
2       Connie "Fuzzy" Hirsch

Tied with 1 : David Alas, Clay Bond, John Bullough, Kevin Chen,
Justin du Coeur, Damian Cugley, Jym Dyer, Tom Galloway, Mike Godwin,
Ted Faber, Rod Johnson, "The net.lurkers", James D. Nicoll, Papa Sm00sh,
Paulo A. Pereira, Phil Pfeiffer, Jim Pruyne, Michael Rawdon,
Elisabeth Riba, Col. G.L. Sicherman